Hey! Introduce yourself to us!

Hey lovely people! So I’m Jemma Swinscoe :) I’m a financial analyst for an international opticians and been at the company working my way for 7 and half years (I started in their call centre doing basic tasks and climbed that ladder haha). I’ve recently just turned the big 30 and one useful fact for you is I LOVE ice hockey!!! I’m a massive Nottingham Panthers fan and my NHL team is Toronto Maple Leafs - I’m addicted to it haha

When did you start the classes with Nottingham Health and Fitness and what made you choose us?

I belevive I started attending at some point in June 2019 and I blame my friend Sara Scott for it all haha she found the classes online and it was just one of them - why not decisions.

What was your goal for attending classes?

My goal was to do something I had never done before. My other goal was and still is to lose weight.

What was your experience like at your first class?

My first class was boogie bounce on a Friday evening on a red hot summers evening - and I mean hot! I loved our first class :) I remember walking in going what the hell have I got myself into. Jamie Oliver, bless her heart,  was dead welcoming showing us the ropes with setting up and stuff and then we met Paige!!! Wow! That girl has energy!! Paige started off by introducing herself in her usual upbeat way and then gave us the dos and don’t. She advised us not pressure ourselves into going full force if we didn’t want to and how not to worry if we don’t get the routines, just bounce and have a blast. The class was amazing! And after leaving, I felt that excited, I couldn’t wait to go again.

If you have attended an event with us, how was it, what was your favourite moment?

So I’ve been to the BB birthday bash, the first clubbathon and the NHAF awards night. The BB birthday bash was brill as Paige didn’t do the usual routines and did routines that people loved (my favourite is formation by Beyoncé). The hall was decorated amazingly and we had a right blast!!!

The clubbathon - that was an experience as I hadn’t attend that class before. Paige made such a great effort with all of that. She made sure that we were all comfortable, made me feel involved (I’m a bit of an recluse when dancing in front of people) and made sure that everyone was okay throughout! No one was left alone :)

The NHAF awards night to be honest was my favourite. Paige made sure that everyone had a vote so it was fair and we let our hair down - that made me feel 100% better

What has made you continue your journey with us?

The people that attend for starts - holla to my #backrowbitches! I’ve made such good friends attending and I love how we all check up on each other if one of us haven’t attended.

Paige - she isn’t my PT, she’s one of my closest friends! She puts a smile on face everytime we attend, makes me laugh when I don’t think I can and encourages me to do my best :)

The routines - I love how the routines change and they aren’t the same day in day out. They change every couple of weeks so you don’t get bored and they cater to all abilities too.

Important question... what is your favourite class?

I’m biased lol I like them all. I guess broadway boogie is my top one as it’s something different that I’ve never seen before. I love everything about it but then again I’m a musical girl haha

What advice would you give to someone who hasn't attended classes but is looking at joining us?

My advise would be don’t be afraid to attend. We are all different shapes and sizes and you won’t look out of place. We don’t bite! We always have laugh and giggle but not at each other. We don’t judge!

What is Paige like as an instructor?

See above haha. I can’t do anything but sing that girls praises. She really is amazing!!!!

Have you got any final advice or words of wisdom?

Keep hydrated!

Please also do not be afraid to comment on the page or attend. Like I said no one will judge you and I promise, we are the nicest people you will ever meet xxx

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