Hey! Introduce yourself to us!

I am Laura Whitehead, I am 35 (nearly 36!!!) I live in Bingham and work as a HR Manager three days a week.

When did you start the classes with Nottingham Health and Fitness and what made you choose us?

I moved to Nottinghamshire in September last year and was keen to find some classes to attend. I saw a few recommendations on Facebook for Nottingham Health and Fitness and in November went along to my first class with Paige. I loved it and have been attending weekly ever since. I have always loved gym classes to dance music and found Boogie Bounce and Clubbercise to be perfect. The music and routines are great and I feel like I am having a night out whilst burning calories which is a bonus.

What was your goal for attending classes?

My goals for attending are to lose weight, tone, have fun and have some ‘me’ time. I am so pleased to have lost 10lb so far since starting the classes alongside diet changes and feel more motivated than I have in a long time.

What was your experience like at your first class?

I was made to feel so welcome from my initial email of interest, to walking in and at the end being asked how I found it. I felt so comfortable and felt like I fit in straight away.

If you have attended an event with us, how was it, what was your favourite moment?

I attended the Clubbercise with Paige and Scott in December/January?! It was fantastic, loads of great songs and 2 hours of working out in a fab environment.

What has made you continue your journey with us?

I have attended many classes over the years but I have never enjoyed them as much as I do the classes here. The people, the relaxed format, the music, the routines and mainly Paige who is simply just so lovely and makes everyone feel included and part of it.

Important question... what is your favourite class?

My favourite classes are Boogie Bounce and Clubbercise. I love the higher impact classes to dance music and how I feel afterwards knowing I have worked hard. I have also tried Funky step, Broadway Boogie and Body Tone which were also all great!!

What advice would you give to someone who hasn't attended classes but is looking at joining us?

Definitely come along and try a class. You will be made to feel welcome and there are classes to suit all. You are guaranteed to enjoy it and have fun.

What is Paige like as an instructor?

Paige is genuinely lovely. She cares so much about what she does and the people that attend. She is engaging, funny and adds character to all the classes. She is approachable and so helpful with any queries I have ever had. This is definitely one of the reasons I have kept going back and will continue to do so for the future. Thank you for filling the dance void I had in my life!!! Xxx

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