Hey! Introduce yourself to us!

My name is Lindsay Towle, I am 54 years old, married and currently working in a local Plant Centre. I have a 13 year old son, a 31 year old stepdaughter and a 21 year old stepson. When I'm not at work I help out with our 3 grandchildren - 20 month old twin boys and 5 week old girl 🥰 Busy life!

When did you start the classes with Nottingham Health and Fitness and what made you choose us?

My first class was in May last year after a friend had heard about Boogie Bounce in Car Colston. It sounded good fun, in the dark, flashing lights, no one to see me!

What was your goal for attending classes?

I didn't really have a specific goal but I was keen to regain fitness. I had been a keen runner for many years but had been unable to run for a while. This sounded a great way to try and get more confident about myself and my body. Also, I had started to have some issues related to the Menopause, anxiety, achy joints, weight gain, general lack of confidence and dislike of my body.

What was your experience like at your first class?

Walking into Boogie Bounce for the first time was a bit nerve wracking, but Paige immediately put me at ease, as did the other ladies. No one looked at me as if I shouldn't be there - i.e too fat, unfit, not wearing make up etc. When the class started, great music, trampoline, I felt it would be for me. 5 minutes in, my heart was beating so fast I didn't think I was going to be able to do the whole class!! But Paige made it easy to believe that I would be fine and she was absolutely right! I had THE BEST TIME! I couldn't wait for the next week and immediately signed up for another 5 classes.  The next day I was so inspired, I went for my first run in over 18 months.

If you have attended an event with us, how was it, what was your favourite moment?

I did the 2 hour Clubbathon in January - Paige said staying for the whole session was optional so I thought I would stay for the first hour. Before I knew it we had been partying for over 90 minutes! It was amazing, Paige was fantastic, she turned a 2 hour proper workout into a brilliant night out clubbing ! She also gave a taster of the new class -  Broadway Boogie - which I am now addicted to 😂

What has made you continue your journey with us?

What can I say? Addicted! I am now doing 3 classes a week, I feel soooooo much fitter and healthier, the effort of turning out on cold winter evenings is rewarded when I feel on such a high when I leave. I have met such lovely people too. I come to classes on my own and always feel comfortable, such a friendly atmosphere

Important question... what is your favourite class?

Broadway Boogie is my favourite at the moment, I am not theatrical in any way but this has really given me confidence to just let go and enjoy belting out the songs without worrying what I look or sound like! (Sorry to whoever's near me😂) the class flies by, I could do this for an hour at least - I can't believe exercise could be SO enjoyable.

What advice would you give to someone who hasn't attended classes but is looking at joining us?

Newbies - please give it a try, you really will have fun. It doesn't matter how fit you are, no need to feel self conscious, we are all really friendly. Give it a go, the classes are good value, especially if you buy the packages - this also encourages you to turn out whatever the weather!

What is Paige like as an instructor?

Paige is AMAZING! She is a brilliant inspiration, her classes are fun, she gets you really motivated. As an instructor she is professional, knowledgeable, always helpful and pushes herself for our benefit - she has even taken a class sitting on a chair because she was in so much pain after she pulled her back, a lesser mortal would have cancelled the classes, not Paige. That's dedication!

Have you got any final advice or words of wisdom?

Words of wisdom?? Enjoy, be confident, be YOU! No body is perfect.

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